Aluminum alloy casting mould
Aluminum Alloy Wheel Mould
Motor casing/controller mold
Damping tower mold
Aluminum Alloy Wheel Mould
Control Arm Mould
Steering Knuckle
Subframe Mould
Shock-absorbing tower
Motor housings
Shock absorption stanchion
Power controller
Gearbox housing
Wheel stator
Roof rack
Running board stanchion
Running board
About us
Service provider for efficient and cost-effective solutions in the segmented market of aluminum alloy casting industry

Foshan Nanhai Benda Mold Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Benda") is a state-owned holding enterprise under Guangdong Nanhai Holding Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1990, the company's main business is aluminum alloy casting molds and aluminum alloy die-casting products. It is a high-tech enterprise with integrated research and services such as automotive aluminum alloy material performance, product design, casting process, mold technology, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Benda currently has a number of experienced R&D personnel who can provide integrated services such as material research and development, product design , mold design/manufacturing,in-hous

The R&D workshop, which was put into use in 2017, has the capabilities of high-pressure and low-pressure mold try-out and process research and development, ensuring the rationality of mold design and process, and achieving rapid trial production and mass production of molds.